Artsonia Newsletter – July 2014

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Waterbury Arts Magnet School Annual Spring Visual Art Show – May 2014

This is the second year that Rotella Interdistrict Magnet School has been invited to display artwork at the WAMS Exhibit.

The following students had artwork on display: Pre-kindergarten: Erlin, Daniella, Alison, Sadie: Kindergarten: Zachary, Tyler, Anthony: First Grade: Alexa, Jaime, Evan, Eriela, Elijah, Nathan, Milina, Fiona, Myrella, Sadie, Brianna: Second Grade: Conner (2 artworks), Nathan, Jacob, Lia, Caleb.





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A Visit From Our Mayor – May 2014

After our visit to decorate the trees in December, Mayor O’Leary treated those students to a pizza party. While at Rotella, he told the boys and girls, if they were good, he would come back to treat them ice-cream.

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On The Day You Were Born – May 2014

We had an exciting visit from author, Debra Frasier. She spoke to the entire school about her writing process. The second grade students put on a performance in honor of her visit. This was based on her book On The Day You Were Born. In visual arts class, we created shadow puppets and did a shadow puppet theater performance. Our dance teacher, Mrs. Schultz  created dances to go along with this. Mr. Ladden and Ms. Ledbetter, our music teachers, created a song based on the last page for students to sing. Mr. Michaud videotaped and edited our show. After the performance was over, we had a book signing with Mrs. Frasier in our library. A portion of the book sales went to our library. It was a great experience for all!



IMG_1023 IMG_0987 IMG_0989 IMG_0991 P1050392 P1050449 debra frasier

Silas Bronson Library May 2014 Exhibit # 2

This year we had two art exhibits at the library. The following students had their artwork displayed:

Pre-kindergarten: Daniel P, Sadie R, Frosina P

Kindergarten: Ariana R, Justin W – 2 artworks, Kylie V – 2 artworks, Jordan M – 2 artworks, Anthony P – 2 artworks, Genevieve M, Syin O, Avery M, Sydnie S

Grade 1: Fen, Evan R, Devin G, Natalya P, Isabella D, Analeaz S, Ayanna G, Berlyn B, Tiffany R, Rosslynn P, Noah L, Gianna B, Gabriella G, Xavier M

Grade2: Gabriel T, Zechariah S, Janele L, Erick A, Kendall B, Isabel G, Nyzier H, Nicholas S, Braya T, Ace B, Eliana R, Rayssa F, Stephen S, Maria T, Jaylen K, Antonio R, Sara R, Matilda P, Skye M, Alex L, Steven D, Madison F

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SAX Art Supplies Catalog Cover – Spring 2014 – Hannah

Hannah, now in fifth grade, had her artwork chosen for the cover of the Spring 2014 catalog. Approximately 250,000 catalogs are sent out. Hannah received a gift certificate to purchase art supplies through Sax. The artwork was done while she was in second grade.

IMG_0885 IMG_0886